Vote Your Favourite from RPDR S7 Episode 11 - "Hello, Kitty Girls!"

Posted in Polls & Games on May 13, 2015

Top 5, kitty girls! This years top 5 are one of our favourites from the crop of queens we've had so far. But did anyone else feel this ball challenge fell a bit flat?

Main Stage Episode 11

If you don't think this is one of the strongest top 5's we've ever had, well, that's your opinion. BUT IT IS FOR US! We have a great mix of look, acting, comedy and performing queens which has made for an exciting race so far.

The ball has always been one of our favourite challenges since Drag Race has started, and we were extra excited for this episode but we can't help but feel a little let down. We miss Executive Realness! The girls looked really stressed about having to pull out a second look (a new Hello Kitty character) but in the past, the queens have had to pull out 3 looks, a dance number and walk with dogs. The season 3 queens would like a word... they had TWO balls!

We have to admit, the Hello Kitty character segment was super cute and it was interesting to see each queen apply their schtick to the character and the monologue. There is no denying that Violet won the challenge, hands-down, with one of the best ball looks from all 7 seasons. Living for her glamazon Barbarella!

Pearl and Ginger served pretty decent looks (we actually liked Pearl's snuggie realness), so the judges weren't far off with Katya and Kennedy being in the bottom, both with disappointing eleganza; but it still stung when mom got eliminated. Can we just say though, those bitches turned out an amazing lipsync and we were all Violet at the end, "Come THROUGH!"

Condragulations to KATYA for winning our poll for last week! Thank you for your wonderful vagina and wisdom. Who was your favourite this episode? Rank the queens below and we'll let you know who wins next week! 

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