Violet Chachki Releases 'Gagged' and "Vanguard" Music Video

Posted in Music on July 1, 2015

Well bitch, colour us Gagged. Your reigning RuPaul's Drag Race queen, Violet Chachki, has released her debut EP Gagged and a hypnotic new music video for "Vanguard". 

Violet Chachki in Vanguard Music Video

Violet Chachki in "Vanguard" Directed by Michael Serrato

Following on from Violet's debut single "Bettie", Gagged (released Jun 30) follows a similar theme of fetish-filled, avante-gard tracks with thumping undertones. Violet's EP differs from that of the other Drag Race girls due to the darker, experimental vibe it exudes, much like the songstress herself. 

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Violet's fetish-fantasy is no secret, here's what she had to say about those influences permeating the EP and its visuals:

“I love fetish because the line between right and wrong is blurred in a controlled, safe way. It is harmless fun that can really give new meaning to someone's otherwise humdrum life. I also love the fashion!”

Violet Chachki in Vanguard Music Video

Violet Chachki in "Vanguard" Directed by Michael Serrato

Violet also released the music video for "Vanguard" (Jun 29) to celebrate Gagged's release. The clip sees Chachki at the hands of bigoted thugs, a situation many queens have been put in before. We also get to see increasingly sickening fashions (including some breasts Violet rips off her chest, literally,) as well as the chance for Violet to show off her aerial acrobatic skills with a tuck for days.

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Can we also mention... c'mon 4K quality! She's putting that $100,000 to good use, so it seems. Watch the video for "Vanguard" below. Be warned, it is a little NSFW, IJS. 

You can also pick up a copy of Gagged at any of your favourite music retailers or hop straight to iTunes HERE.


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