Spoiler Alert! All Stars 2: What Do We Know?

Posted in Drag on July 15, 2015

So All Stars 2 is all but officially confirmed. Mimi, Sonique and Willam have all chimed in to let us know the girls have gotten their calls. But what else do we know?

All Stars 2

It's been nearly 3 years since the first RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race and there's a whole new crop of fan favourites that people want to see back on their screens. There has been talk of an All Stars 2 for a while, but we're finally getting some T from various sources.

FYI, this whole article is just speculation and nobody really knows anything until it's announced (let us have our fun!) 


It all started when a loose-lipped ex-employee of Drag Race posted this on his Facebook page:

Alaska Thunderfuck Facebook All Stars 2

Austin Young / Facebook

He seems to be a pretty reliable source since he spilled the T on some season 7 details on various podcasts. Since then, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive and fans have been checking the queens schedules non-stop to see who is free (or rescheduling gigs *cough* Katya) in August and September. 

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So, this guy pretty much confirmed Alaska being on AS2 – which we all knew already, right? – this is backed up by the fact she has no gigs through late August and September.

Sonique also kindly let us know on her Periscope a few that casting was in process and there would be no teams this time around. Bless you Sonique! The fact she spoke about it suggests she wasn't invited on, otherwise she would have had to have signed an NDA forbidding her to spill and details. P.s. Just to reiterate: NO TEAMS.


Alyssa Facebook All Stars 2

Logo / Facebook

Reddit user /u/buddy311 also clocked that Alyssa cancelled a gig in Phoenix, AZ on August 13th due to commitments with Logo and Drag Race. Awright. We would LIVE for Alyssa on All Stars 2. She provided us with some of the most iconic, hilarious and unintentionally funny moments in Drag Race herstory. She just makes damn good TV.


We also noticed that Katya has been rescheduling gigs left, right and center.

Katya Facebook All Stars 2

Katya / Facebook

‚ÄčIf AS2 is anything like the 1st season, there's a chance that we'll be seeing the Miss Congeniality's from season 5 and 6 (hey Ivy and DeLa!) But here's what's happening with Katya:

- She moved PLAY Louisville date from 21 Aug to 25 Sep
- Rescheduled her Voyeur Philly date from 12 Aug to 16 Sep
- Removed Plan B Madison completely on 15 Aug
Cancelled her appearance at a Pride Extravaganza 27 Aug due to "contractual obligations"
- Moved PLAY Nashville from 4 Sep to 18 Sep
- Postponed her 340 Pomona appearance on 25-26 Sep

This leaves her free from G-A-Y Porn Idol on 6 August to 12 September (which she still may cancel).

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More reddit users have also spotted Mimi Imfurst talking openly about Katya and AS2 and the Big Phat Losers concert in Philly and on her Periscope. She claims to know who's on the next season.


Sorry Willam fans... He's stated on his Tumblr that he hasn't been asked back for All Stars 2.

Willam Tumblr All Stars 2

NMR / Tumblr

We're just as hopeful as the next queen for Willam to appear on All Stars. He really is the definition of the word. Unfortunately he claims that the girls who are to appear on the next season have already been asked and they all know – but he didn't get a call.

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The fact he's talking freely about it like Sonique and Mimi probably suggests that he didn't have to sign an NDA meaning he really wasn't casted. Interestingly though, his calendar has no dates for the end of August and September – make of that what you will!


All Stars 2 is pretty much a given, but until the word comes from Logo this is all just fun speculation. There are more rumours floating around that the likes of Tatianna, Laganja and Gia (BRILLIANT REALITY TV ALERT) will make an appearance, but again, they're just rumours.

We want to give a huge shoutout to all of the users on the RPDR subreddit for their Nancy Drew skills, we wouldn't have half of this information if it weren't for them!

Who do you want to see on All Stars 2? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! Keep an eye out for our fan favourite poll over the next few days where you can have your say.


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