QUEEN Magazine Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Posted in News on July 7, 2015

367 backers pledged over $18,000 to make QUEEN magazine a reality over the past two weeks, blasting the initial goal out of the water!

QUEEN Magazine Covers

QUEEN / Magnus Hastings

Spearheaded by Miles Davis Moody and his hubby Josh Stuart, QUEEN magazine has been Kickstarted with the aim of being "the world's first high-end, high-fashion drag magazine."

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QUEEN will be a quarterly, subscription-based magazine that aims to provide drag fans with news, fashion, music and every other aspect of the drag world that makes it so multi-faceted. So far, the project has garnered support from Laganja Estranja, Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act with plenty more jumping in on promotion.

Here's what Josh had to say about the project on the campaign page:

We are raising money to help launch the world's first high-end, high-fashion international drag magazine - QUEEN. This magazine will be as multifaceted as the world of drag itself. Featuring everything from glamour to avant-garde to gore, we will be showcasing all angles of drag reality: fashion, beauty, storytelling, music, dance and more. QUEEN is for everyone: from the drag enthusiast to any person that enjoys the artistry of transformation. 

You can read more about QUEEN on their Kickstarter page (backing now closed) before it lands in your inbox in the Fall. Condragulations to all involved, we can't wait to get a copy!


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